Tales of the Pool on the Roof

Jake Soble 

The good news is that the school’s roof pool has been refinished in time for the beginning of this school year. Since the pool is now heated, it can be used year-round. The swim team can be assured of an uninterrupted year of practice and hopefully some exciting meets.

When the pool was struck by light­ning last spring, the swim team had to use the pool at Burkwood and a lot of time was wasted traveling to practices. Even with the traveling hindrance, the swim team’s record was impressive, with seven wins and just two losses! Go Hawk-fins!!!

Roof pools for schools are very rare. It seems that safety concerns have all but eliminated them from school facilites. Hanover is very lucky to have had the community and stu­dent support for this valuable school asset.

The pool, shaped in an “S” form gives new dimensions to several of the swim strokes in the league. While it is hard for some of the unaccustomed swimmers to navigate the shape, one or two head bangs quickly keeps the novice “S” shape pool swimmer on guard.

There will be a fundraiser for new pool-side bleachers to be built on the roof. The need for a fence behind the bleachers is being discussed. More information on the Fish Food Fund Raiser will be forthcoming. The prize is a private party at the pool and ev­ery guest will receive a Hawk-shaped innertube. This is the first time such a prize has been offered for the most fish food sold and it looks like it will be a great success.

In addition to the need for new bleachers, it is very expensive to truck in the sand each year as it tends to blow away during hurricane season. If you have access to sand and can donate it, please get in touch with the swim group. Any palm trees that you are not using would really be appreci­ated as well.

With good luck, this will hope­fully be an amazing banner year for Hanover High and the swim team is likely to enjoy and bask in the glory of another great season. We will keep you posted on how you can help in this endeavor and support your swim team. Go Hawk-fins!!!


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