Start the year with the right answers

Sedrek Kovar

1. I don’t know anybody in most of my classes, how can I start to make new friends?

Stranded on an island with no one to rescue you. That is the feel­ing many of us have experienced after everyone and their mothers ended up in a class together. Everyone besides you, that is. While the idea of spend­ing an entire year in a classroom filled with strangers might not seem too appealing, try not to fret. There are many ways to make new friends in the upcoming school year.

Before you get up and search for that one person willing to talk with you, relax. The first step to making new friends is to simply sit back, and watch. Take the first couple days of class to examine your peers, and iden­tify potential acquaintances. You may realize that the funny guy in the back is not too funny after the first week.

Find someone close to you that you can create casual conversation with. Ask about his schedule and any classes he is taking. If he seems inter­esting enough, dig deeper, ask about interests outside of school. The trick is to be personal, open and most of all: friendly.

While it may seem that all hope is lost, there is still the possibility to meet people that you would not oth­erwise see yourself talking to. Wheth­er you like them or not, it is best to remember that the year will go by much quicker if you have some peo­ple to talk to.

2. How do I stay organized in the upcoming school year?

The first day of school is always the neatest one. However, all those papers tend to add up and by the end of the year the doctor will be diagnos­ing you with minor scoliosis.

Organization is a crucial skill that very few students truly master. While it may seem like a waste of time, it makes you a much more effective and efficient student. In the real world, your boss will not wait while you search your European shoulder-bag for those reports that were due last week. You will be fired.

So, where do you start? The hard­est answer to any question, the best place would be the beginning. Open up your backpack, and make sure that all papers have a home, and all trash is discarded. There is nothing worse than a backpack that looks (and smells) like a waste bin.

Next, open up the binder and or­ganize your papers by class. An effec­tive solution is to get a folder for each class, and label one pocket “DUE” and the other “COMPLETED”. That way you can quickly remove notes and know exactly where they are.

The final step to getting organized is to make sure all of your materi­als are in check. This means writing utensils, calculators, or highlighters are all secured in one place that can be easily accessed. Another recom­mendation would be to use a zipped pencil pouch.

Organization can easily improve the quality of your schoolwork. The sooner you start the habit, the easier it becomes.


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