Wake Me Up When September Ends

Chace Blackburn

Waking up. Mean teachers. Homework. Cold weather. It’s easy to feel like fall is a constant struggle. Most students com- pare going to school with entering a battle they know they will lose. The lethargic days of summer spent in dishabille happiness are now long over, and instead replaced with artificial light and chapters to read every night.

Describing their least favorite parts of fall, most students responded that the egregious amount for anything except academia

There are certainly ways to combat the stress, boredom and monotony of the fall season. The best way is to lose yourself in ser- vice and things you genuinely enjoy. Unfortunately, your fall will include things you don’t like (shout out to anyone taking a math class) as there are certain class requirements and such.

During high school it’s sometimes easy to feel that your life is not your own. Fear not, there are ways to gain autonomy and, subsequently, happiness.

Take ownership of your classes. Participate in class discussions and always try your hardest.

Befriend your teachers, because besides the fact that they live under their desks, they are people too. But academics are not the only ways through which to gain autonomy and success. There are a plethora of clubs at school which are detailed in “The Good” section above.

Some new clubs include Honor Council (which will discourage plagiarism and cheating and uphold academic values), the Leader- ship Council (which promotes student autonomy in all aspects, and includes leaders of various clubs working together to en- sure a more fun and safe school culture) and the Human Rights Club (which, ac- cording to the club handbook,

strives to advocate for the humane treatment of all people by promoting conflict prevention and peace building). environment.

of school work is what sets them off the edge. Especially if stu- dents are taking AP/IB classes, in which the amount of work is ex- pected to be approximately three hours of homework for every hour of class time, there is little time

It’s also getting cold, and no lon- ger can students live in bikinis and daisy dukes (besides, it’s against “code”) and one must adopt a reg- ular schedule of pants. But with a little ingenuity and good friends, one can survive the fall conundrum.


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