Suspense at its Finest in “Insidious 2”

Matthew Harris

Fear comes in numerous fashions, ranging from a jumpscare to that face that you just can’t seem to get rid of in your head. But one of the most dif- ficult feelings to produce in a movie is suspense, and “Insidious 2” has just that.

You would watch an event slowly unfold, and you knew that there was something coming that was going to make you jump, you just didn’t know when. It could be a quick, flashing

image, or something behind some- one that they might not have noticed prior. It’s predecessor, “Insidious,” would apply these jump scares more so than “Insidious 2,” but the sequel was superior in every other aspect.

What added to the movie’s sus- penseful atmosphere was the light- ing. In many scenes you could see just enough to the point where you could see a face in the dark, but not what was around it. This added to the sus- pense of the many scenes.

“Insidious 2” is the continuation

of the horror film “Insidious,” which came out April 1, 2011, and is a horror film that not only has numerous jump scares throughout, but also a solid plot. “Insidious 2” brought events that happened in the first movie into the storyline of the second one, and sometimes in an unexpected manner.

One element that “Insidious” and its sequel didn’t have in common was the use of comic relief. There wasn’t any scene in “Insidious” that tried to lighten the mood, while “Insidious 2” utilized comic relief many times, but

it was slightly overused. Nevertheless, the comic relief really helped lighten the mood. Some may argue though, that this is a horror film and the comic relief isn’t needed.

“Insidious 2” would be a great movie to watch, but if (and only if) you have seen “Insidious.” The sequel does have many factors that make it a memorable and likeable movie, such as lighting effects, effective story ele- ments, and suspense. If you are into the horror film genre, it is not a bad movie to watch.


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