Summer Leadership Conference Unites Students

Madie Potts

This past August, many Hanover High School students participated in the Administrative Leadership Conference that focused on uniting strong student leaders of our school. Both students and faculty members came together in hopes of creating a solid direction for the future of the clubs and students at Hanover.

Throughout the course of the day, students listened to lectures and trav­eled to Habitat for Humanities and the RichmondTimesDispatchTrain­ingCenter. Participants discussed past problems at Hanover and how to go about addressing these issues to improve the upcoming year. Senior Ellen Orie said that the experience was beneficial in unifying the many groups in the school.

“The conference allowed us to work through some of the problems and complaints students have had in the past,” Orie said. “It was great be­ing able to bring in the different club leaders of our school to listen to one another in a mature way.”

Orie also felt that the conference was beneficial in empowering student leaders and hopes that other students felt the same.

“I think that the conference was great in addressing problems and get­ting students excited for the future,” Orie said. “But I think that it’s a situa­tion in which only time will tell and I feel we will see the effects of the con­ference as the year goes on.”

Participants learned how to effec­tively lead their respective clubs and the conference used student-teacher interaction to create goals for the up­coming year.

The conference also focused on how to use club activities to give back to the community. Senior Tanner Sig­mon said he felt the experience estab­lished a positive atmosphere among club leaders.

“I felt the conference was an over­all success,” Sigmon said. “I felt like I had a direct say in the change at Ha­nover and I think the group came to­gether well to establish common goals to promote unity in our school. I feel that this year all activities will receive equal support.”

Sigmon also said that Hanover should continue having leadership conferences to benefit student lead­ers.

“More leadership conferences in the future would make sure that stu­dent goals are reached,” Sigmon said. “We could continue to create ideas based on making Hanover a more uni­fied school.”


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