HOSA Offers Medical Opportunities

Courtney Holloman

Many new additions have been in­troduced to Hanover High this year, including the HOSA (Health Oc­cupation Students of America) club returning to Hanover. HOSA is a na­tional student organization endorsed by both the U.S. Department of Edu­cation and the Health Science Educa­tion Division.

HOSA’s mission is to promote ca­reer opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. To students, the program provides lead­ership development, motivation and recognition for secondary, postsec­ondary, adult and collegiate students enrolled in health science programs.

“We need to have a healthcare club here for the students to join, we think the students will be very suc­cessful with the club,” co-sponsor Mrs. Bossieux said about the return of the HOSA club.

The club began in 1976 and has since grown steadily reaching almost 120,000 members nationwide. It is a national, very well known, club. All students in HanoverCounty inter­ested in any health science class or the field of health care may become a member of the HOSA club. HanoverCounty’s chapter of the HOSA club is sponsored by Ms. Thomas and co-sponsored by Ms. Bossieux. Lee Davis senior, Kaytie Loving, is the president of the club. The club met for the first time Sep­tember 9, and will continue to meet dur­ing flex time, and anyone interested can simply show up.

“I encourage anyone in­terested to show up to our meetings and join the club,” Loving said.

The HOSA club is much different from others: mem­bers must do more then sim­ply attend meetings and com­plete community service. Club members must participate in competitions showcasing their skills such as bed making for nursing students, and understanding of the classroom curriculum. Those who join the club will gain training far beyond the basic technical skills needed for entry into the health care field.

It is a co-curricular club so students and adults studying in the medical field will apply what they are learn­ing currently in class while competing at three d a y s worth of events. Though the club requires out­side knowledge, it does not involve any outside work to prepare for the competitions. Any projects for the compe­tition are made right at the competition. Other events in­clude: medical field readings, quiz bowls, pharmaceutical spelling bees, public speaking, medical writing, forensic medi­cine and medical debates. Win­ning students will receive rib­bons and a certificate. All events will help the medical students expand their knowledge, show their knowledge and gain skills re­quired to succeed in the medical field.

“The competitions will showcase what our students do in science, phar­macy technician and medical lab type classes here at school,” said co-spon­sor Ms. Bossieux.

Not only will the HOSA club help students gain knowledge in their field of study, but it will provide great opportunities. Members of the HOSA club will have access to schol­arship money. Several scholarships of $1,000 are awarded each year.

The club already has many events planned for this year. The club will be attending a competition at the Virgin­ia State Fair on Friday, October 4th. The next competition the HOSA club will attend is scheduled to be in Roa­noke. If the club performs well they will go to the national competition in Orlando during June. Along the way they will be hosting many fundrais­ing events for the club to attend their competitions and raise awareness.

Hanover has attempted to have a HOSA club before and it didn’t seem to work. This year’s sponsor and co-sponsor are very excited and prepared to do anything to promote the club. They plan to make sure all HanoverCounty students will have access to the HOSA club.

“I am very dedicated to making sure all students will have access to HOSA,” sponsor Ms. Thomas said.


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