SOL Test Score Results Decline

Chace Blackburn

SOL test scores have recently come back, with inconclusive results. Hanover had a relatively good year last year, but this year that testing success appears less certain. Dina Pulley said that this year’s test scores were relatively lower than those her students received last year. “We received more questions to prepare, but our scores sadly did not reflect that.” When asked why, she blamed the amount of school days the students missed.
Sharla Godfrey, who is supervising the SOL testing this year, has indicated lower test scores result from changing test formats. “We don’t have a very clear idea, as some scores didn’t come (yet). This is a problem that happens every year. The    Chemistry, Biology, and English Reading and Writing SOLs have all changed this year, which is what happened with the Algebra, Algebra 2, and Geometry SOLs last year. Teachers worry that the rigor of the tests will show in the scores, but I guess we have to wait and see.”


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