So There’s This Book We All Know…

Robert Di Leo

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
By the good Dr. Seuss
A decent idea,
But the writing is loose

The cadence is sloppy
The lines are too long
Dr. Seuss rambles on
Like an unending song
With conflicting rhythms
And bits that run on
And bits where the meter
Is completely foregone
Sometimes off-beat, sometimes on

Meter aside and looking at rhyme
This poem contradicts itself all the time
This poem cannot decide how to convey
Just what it is that it means to say

And that is that there is a world out there
Full of magical creatures covered with hair
Full of mountains wrapped in rainbow stripes
And “Boom Bands” playing music through big brass pipes
That anything’s possible if the reader tries
That he can win and lose and sink and fly
That through all of the good times and all of bad
There’s still plenty of fun in the world to be had

But the world’s not as bright
As Seuss would proclaim
It is a place full of poverty, sadness and pain
Or so those cynical cynics would say
But if you are the kind
Who can shut off her mind
And wander through life
Entirely blind
Then this is book’s quite the find, quite worth your time
But that’s your decision to make
Not mine.


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