One Last Hurrah: Editor-in-chief Reflection

Max Berry

Fearless leader and editor-in-chief senior Max Berry is seen here being really emotional about having to leave his newspaper.  Credit: Ellie McDade-Nelson
Fearless leader and editor-in-chief senior Max Berry is seen here being really emotional about having to leave his newspaper.
Credit: Ellie McDade-Nelson

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry, but that flew right out the window once I realized that this was it. I’m not coming back; this is the last newspaper that will have my name on it. With that being said, there’s a huge list of people I need to thank for my successes this year, because without them absolutely none of this was ever possible.
First and foremost I need to thank my mom and dad for being genetically disposed to having me, their favorite child (right?) A+ genetics guys, keep it up! Seriously though, I suppose you two are the direct reason for why I am where I am today, for better and worse. I’m sorry college is so expensive, but I promise it’ll be worth it someday.
Next up is Brian Smith, who taught me that believing things isn’t bad. Without you I’d have kept my opinions to myself, I would have sat by while people walked all over my thoughts. You made me into the debater I became, that is something I will never be able to repay you for.
Last year’s management team deserves special thanks, notably Brittany Allen and Ashley Ireland. The two of you were good editors, and even better friends. You have not been forgotten.
I need to thank next year’s editors-in-chief Katrina Gauntt and Annie Sadler, for making my decision for next year’s staff both the easiest and hardest thing I’ve had to do as editor-in-chief. The two of you will make great newspapers together. I can’t thank those two and not thank Cassie Turner, Nick Glass, Chace Blackburn and Claudia Lopez for making me feel confident that my newspaper will be in good hands.
I’d like to specially thank Nick Glass again, for being a good friend to me when I needed one. You stuck by me, and that’s worth something. I owe you.
Jordan Shanks and Derek Martin deserve credit for taking the spread and running with it. You guys did the best you could with what you had, and for that I’m thankful.
Ashley Richardson deserves a huge portion of the credit for the success this paper had this year, because if the paper doesn’t have ads the paper can’t get printed. In the face of minimal funds and no clear choice to run the business aspect of this paper, you stepped up. I owe you, and the paper owes you.
If Ashley gets half the credit for the success, the other half should go to Chance Lee. Chance you have front page skills that this paper never had, and probably never will have again. You were my voice of reason when I needed it, the person who kept me grounded in my ideas so we could actually put out a quality paper. You deserve so much more than you got this year, and I hope this at least starts to give you that.
Last, but most importantly, the person who deserves the most credit for my personal successes is Michael Goodrich-Stuart. GS without you I’d be the absolute worst person on the planet, but you saved the world that trouble. I was the actual definition of a diamond in the rough, and if you hadn’t had the patience to polish me up I’d never have been here. Thank you, for everything.
This is the last thing I’ll write for this paper, it’s the last hurrah. This all started off with a dream, a dream that one day I would be this paper’s editor-in-chief. My dream doesn’t stop there, it’s evolved into seeing this paper evolve into the best it can be. My role was not to make the paper good this year, but to make it great forever. I wanted to inspire someone to carry on my legacy. I stand as living testament to the fact that anyone can achieve anything, and if there’s one message I leave for this staff it’s that.



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