No Crime With Art

Tori Pulliam

“Click, click,” pictures are worth a thousand words and sometimes $1,000 if you’re Rachel Henderson. April 25th, Richmond crime stoppers announced her winnings for the city wide poster contest.
Henderson does a lot of art in her free time but never imagined she would be the overall winner for this competition. The first thing Henderson did was think long and hard about what scene she would capture. She chose the Richmond skyline because the roadway can be seen over it and she thought it would give her viewers a good idea of the crimes that take place.
Over every program out there, Henderson used Photoshop through the school during her class time in graphic arts. The time spent on this poster was roughly six hours and no complications came about since she had planned out everything she had wished to do. She has a lot of experience with this program so she figured it was her best choice.
Debbie Campbell, graphic arts teacher at Hanover High School, told the students about the contest last year but Henderson didn’t choose to take part in it. However this year, her first year trying it out, she won a total of $1,000 as well as bragging rights.
As for her future she has big dreams to look foward to but if she doesn’t work a fine artist, or a graphic arts major, she may become a jewelry maker. Art will be a wonderful choice for this student’s life long career.
In the past they have won the district and county wide portion for the yearly contests. As part of the curriculum the students have to participate in 2 contest overall, each year.
“She’s a dedicated student and this will definitely give her the confidence she needs to continue on as an art major of some sort.” Campbell said.
Campbell hopes that this attracts more students who are willing to put in the time and effort as well as the dedication just like Henderson herself.
She wants future students to know that she pushes her students to their core so that they can see their full potential as an artist.


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