News Briefs

IRS RESIGNATION: IRS Acting Commissioner Steve Miller resigned from his post after a report emerged showing the tax agency had been targeting conservative groups.

QUANTUM EFFECTS: NASA installed a $15 million computer that is reported to be 3,600 times faster than conventional computers.

FAULTY WHEEL: NASA telescope Kepler is hobbled by two borken wheels. NASA says the planet-hunting telescope needs at least three wheels working in order to be oriented properly.

TEXAS TORNADO: Six deaths resulted from a tornado that hit Granbury, Texas, 70 miles west of Dallas.

VACCINE FOR ROTAVIRUS: Scientists in India unveiled a low-cost vaccine for Rotavirus, which is spread through contaminated hands and kills half a million children around the world each year.

MILITARY MILESTONE: the US Navy launched an unmanned drone, which the Navy hopes will lead the way for a new era of unmanned aircraft.

DIALECT IS DYING: The Texas German dialect, originated from regional German and a mix of English, is in its last generation.


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