Keep It Classy, Hanover

Jake Soble

Hanover students have all the latest trends: wearing pajamas to school, boots in the summer, and last but not least, the side ponytail.  Credit: Jake Soble
Hanover students have all the latest trends: wearing pajamas to school, boots in the summer, and last but not least, the side ponytail.
Credit: Jake Soble

I’m pretty sure that the current mantra of “keeping it classy” is subjective. One man’s “classy” can be another man’s “creepy”. My friend who parks his truck on Redneck Row believes in the daily wearing of camo. At the very least, it is classic. I, on the other hand just can’t get there, anymore than he understands my affinity for a comfortable pair of Tom’s, my ’71 sedan, or my preference for a triple shot at Starbucks. What we both can relate to, however, is that we love popping the hood on our respective vehicles and keeping them running. Finding this space and minimizing the importance of the other disparagements IS keeping it classy.
Remember Pajama Day in elementary school? Yeah, it wasn’t classy then either. It was kind of stupid. Nobody behaved that day. At least clothes are somewhat restrictive. And if you are wearing your pajama pants to high school, that is definitely not keeping it classy. Bed head and drool on your t-shirt are a dead give-away that you are in the “so what?” mode. And I don’t care if your pajama bottoms came from Abercrombie, Miss Thing, you still look like you just rolled out of bed.
While we are mentioning Abercrombie, can I let you know that “being classy” is not synonymous with being stuck-up It is wrong to characterize being classy with any kind of perceived socioeconomic or fashionista disparity. You know who you are and where you shop and most of all how you look at someone who does not share your bank account. Get over yourself. We all have. And, can you say totally devoid of class?
Now boys and girls of Hanover High, life happens. You may have seen the couple breakups that could be described as anything but classy. Here is some advice. No kicking, no punching, no shoe throwing, no screaming and no hair pulling at the onset of a breakup at school. This is a time when desperate times do not call for desperate measures – not if you want to remain classy.    Remember the last time you saw someone take a breakup badly? Yeah…ever see anything but that scene whenever you see that person again? Don’t do it.
We can say the same for the overly attentive Hanover High couples as well. Ain’t love grand? You bet it is! Being lucky enough to have found someone who shares your interests, your style of music and your intelligence quota is the best thing that happens. Hand holding in school keeps it classy. Beyond that at school? Not so much. Just saying…
As we all are aware, our school has the best styles in the whole county. Girls most of all have the most creative and innovative hair styles around. Who was the first person that looked at a ponytail and went, “Hey, let try that on the side of my head!” Or who ever looked at a rainbow and said, “I want to wear that!”
There are day when you feel totally lax and don’t want to do anything or even attempt to get dressed in the morning. That’s understandable, but when someone walks through the door wearing the same pajamas they’d worn the night before, that takes it a little too far.
It’s important to dress to impress, not chillax to the max. There’s such a thing as fashion… Look it up.

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