Great Gatsby Gets Green Light

Devon Altman

The Great Gatsby, full of all the glitz and glamour, made $20 million from sales opening day.  Credit: Warner Bros
The Great Gatsby, full of all the glitz and glamour, made $20 million from sales opening day.
Credit: Warner Bros

“Who is this Gatsby anyway?”
Considered the greatest American classic, “The Great Gatsby” arrives to the theaters, transferring F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary masterpiece from paper to the big screen.
Baz Luhrmann, director of “Moulin Rouge!“ (2001) and “Romeo and Juliet” (1996), takes his past experiences and talents, while adding his artistic vision, to revamp the novel.
The roaring twenties was a time influenced by music, money, and alcohol. The parties were grand, and the scandals were huge. Gossip was a main way of communication, and big was definitely better. Luhrmann took this into account when directing “The Great Gatsby,” and represented the time period with lavishness and luxury.
The motion picture was an extravagant story filled with glitz, glamour and heartbreak. Although new events were created and some were left out, the overall production of the film was very true to Fitzgerald’s work.
The focus of the film, Jay Gatsby, is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio shows both the soft side and distraught side of the wealthy war veteran. He captures Gatsby’s desire and drive to be united once again with the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan, whom is played by Carey Mulligan. DiCaprio’s acting was superb, and his first look at his co-star Mulligan says it all.
In addition, Luhrmann casted Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway. Carraway, who befriends Gatsby, is a young awkward man with a passion for writing, but a career in the bond market.
The movie starts out with an unusual twist concerning Maguire’s character; however, the new storyline helps bring the entire story of Gatsby to the viewer’s attention and wraps all the chaos up in just under three hours.
Other actors casted include Joel Edgerton, who played as Tom Buchanan, and Elizabeth Debicki, who starred as Jordan Baker.
The acting among the cast was great, and the quotation references to the actual novel were a smart addition. The soundtrack to the film, however, has received mixed reviews since the music is from the present day and it not representative of the 1920s.
Overall, the film was a success across America. The movie almost received $20 million in ticket sales alone on opening day.
Although critics have contradicting opinions over the film, the majority of   “The Great Gatsby’s” audience, who have read Fitzgerald’s classic, loved the motion picture.


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