Thoughts From the Anti-Prom Committee (April 30, 2013)

Sam Holland

Prom is by far the most dramatic and expensive experience of high school. It’s a financial nightmare. You can tell the school is sweating bullets about it when they try to hire Nickleback for no more than two bucks and a sandwich. It’s close to $15,000 for the school to finance prom. They have  to secure a location, find a performer and hire a photographer to take the pictures that will last a couple years  then get lost in the trash. Obviously prom is a very important.
Last year the location was quite exquisite, in a humid tent outside the science museum in Richmond. How more romantic could prom get than Tuxedo Camping in a tent? Their locations usually don’t disappoint. This year prom is in a much different location. Not outside, but inside the science museum. Maybe next year they can have prom inside a Chucky Cheese… or maybe outside, in the parking lot of Chucky Cheese.
One of the most challenging things about prom is finding entertainment. They’re already spending $15,000, it’s going to be hard to hire someone. Even The Wiggles require money. The most popular thing to do is to hire a DJ, like Oak Knoll Middle School does for their “dances.”
Dancing is one of those few things in life that requires a certain type of person. Now, when I say dancing I’m talking about real dancing, not reproduction. (Notice: The Hawk Eye does not condone/support grinding at prom. It’s a school function, you’re not out clubbin’.)
This year’s prom will be a great prom that will attract many students. That is if you like hot tents, financial debt, and The Wiggles. But, then again, who doesn’t like those things.


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  1. Prom is always overhyped to be this huge thing. The experience is what matters the most and you remember being there with your friends and having a good time. Great post

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