The Guide to Prom: Guys Edition (April 30, 2013)

Annie Sadler & Katrina Gauntt

Rule One:

Compliments are good
Every girl likes to hear that she looks pretty. Make sure to compliment your date and tell her how beautiful she is. A lot of work goes into getting ready for prom. Hours are spent finding the right dress, doing hair, makeup and nails. Let her know that you appreciate the time she put in and that it paid off. It is an easy way to start the night off right and guaranteed that she’ll value the compliment, and you.

Rule Two:

Put on a smile for pictures
It is an obvious fact that pictures can take a lot of time. Each person with a camera has to make sure that he or she gets the perfect shot. It can take a long time; chances are your cheeks will start to hurt from smiling and it can get a bit frustrating. Keep a smile on your face though. When you are looking back through pictures, you will be glad you looked happy, and were not the guy who messed up the picture. Remember, have a silly picture, too, those are always the cutest.

Rule Three:

Be classy

Prom is supposed to be a classy night, so make sure you are classy. Clean cut and looking sharp is the way to go. Do not get too crazy too soon. You are going to want to remember the night you had at prom. Also, out on the dance floor, keep in mind that you asked your date because you wanted to. Stick with your date and dance with her! Have an experience that you want to remember, not one that you are not giong to want to share.

Rule Four:

Have fun!

Prom is an experience that comes around once a year. Juniors and seniors are lucky enough to have the privilege, so boys make it last and make the night memorable. Start the process off right by asking in a cute way, when the night of prom rolls around, enjoy it. It is a time to let loose and have fun with all your friends. As everyone always says, the most important thing is to have fun, and the case is no different for prom. Have a good time!


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