Arts and Science Festival (April 30, 2013)

Tori Pulliam

 Saturday, April 13th, Hanover County Public Schools had its 39th Annual Festival of Arts and Sciences in order to display student produced artwork and projects. More than 2,000 students participated and the student’s work came from elementary, middle, and high schools.
    The event began with an opening ceremony followed by a choir comprised of 5-8th graders from throughout the county. These students showed off their young, still-developing voices to proud parents and fellow peers.
   Both the all country orchestra and band marched their way through wonderful performances. Later in the day, a recorder ensemble, along with the rest of the elementary school choirs, blew the crowd away. The final performance of the day was given by the Lee Davis theatre “players” and was led by teacher and director Rebekah D’ Ascoli.
     Since the art work and presentations for the festival were hung up in advance, students were given a chance to see a sneak peek at what was to be displayed the next day. This gave students an opportunity to enjoy the creative artwork which covered the walls in the pods, hallways, and the main common area.
    “The art was really good, especially since the walls were so bare before. It gave the school a better look and feel,” sophomore Alexis Tavares said.
     The art pieces on display were created using varying techniques, including: watercolor, oil pastel, crayon, and even ink for an ink pressing. Aside from the artistic and scientific displays, students were also able to show off their musical talent with choir, band, and orchestra performances.


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