Scholars Honored for Dedication (April 30, 2013)

Ian Rose

   Hanover County Public Schools annually recognizes Hanover Scholars—seniors who have achieved a grade point average of 4.0 or higher—during a ceremony typically held at Hanover High. 
During the ceremony, seniors from each high school in Hanover County say few words, honoring and expressing gratitude to any Hanover County teacher. This recognition of students and the teachers who brought their academic successes into fruition has given a sense of achievement to many seniors and educators during its existence as a Hanover County tradition.
   While the Hanover Scholars ceremony will not be held this year, these students and teachers did not go completely unnoticed.  The seniors who qualified as Hanover Scholars received a letter notifying them of their achievement earlier this year.  Each Hanover Scholar was then required to submit a form indicating a teacher whose influence left a profound impact on his or her character and academic career.
“I picked Herr Wurm.  I’ve had Herr Wurm for 6 years, so I thought about how we have grown together throughout the years,” senior Conner Healy said.
   For Healy, Wurm’s influence allowed him to embark on memorable experiences.
   “…he is the one that pushed me to apply to the Governor’s German Immersion Academy last summer, which was undoubtedly one of the best times of my life,” Healy said.
Senior Harrison Howell chose Brian Letourneau as his most influential teacher.
   “His class was the first one I had to work hard in and I think my effort paid off.  He was an enjoyable teacher to have,” Howell said.
The influence of these talented educators will without question foster success for the high-achieving Hanover Scholars as they prepare for college.


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