Is Taylor Swift Becoming a Celebrity Serial Dater? (April 30, 2013)

Madelyn Miller

   Taylor has delivered many love songs that smear the name or apologize to her latest ex beau. It’s one of the reasons she has done so well in the music business, but could it be that this talent is giving her a bad track record?
   Swift’s dating career in the public eye kicked off with Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers band. It was a very cute pick, but was the first of many breakups to come. The relationship, of course, concluded with the song “Forever and Always.”
   Next was the notorious Taylor (Swift) and Taylor (Lautner) pair. After being costars in the movie “Valentine’s Day,” the two kept up a steady relationship for awhile, until Swift supposedly ruined it by taking him for granted. At least that’s what the message says in the song “Back to December.”
   A brief relationship occurred with Lucas Till who filmed alongside her as her love interest in the music video “You Belong With Me.”
After Till, Swift dropped to a low by dating ladies man John Mayer; the pair lasted for a total of four months which was one of her longest relationships.
   Toby Hemingway was the next stop for Swift, Hemingway being the actor who filmed music video “Mine” with Swift as the  love of her life. The two took the romance off screen for a few weeks. 
   Picking up a trend of repeatedly dating her costars, is she learning from her mistakes or digging for heartbreak material?
One of the more surprising boyfriends was actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who courted Swift for almost two months. However, another failed relationship led to quite a few songs of hatred and heartbreak including, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Again,” “All too well” and “I Almost Do.”
   “Les Miserables” star Eddie Redmayne and Swift dated for a brief time when she auditioned for Eponine in a film adaptation of “Les Miserables.”
   One of the best relationships that Swift had in all her years was her fling with Conor Kennedy of the famous Kennedy Family. The summer fling was rooted-for by so many fans, but others were suspicious of her obsession with the Kennedy family previous to the relationship, questioning the motives of Swift. 
   The latest scandal has been British heartthrob Harry Styles, who recently made it in the business with a group of boys as One Direction. Nobody has really called Swift out on her methods of getting song material until lately a few women also in the public eye have told Swift she is “boy crazy and a love sick serial dater.” Swift has fired back saying she does not obsess over boys and the tabloids are filled with lies.
   Girls totally support the pop country singer who relates things to them; but could we have the girl version of John Mayer?
Really, is she still relatable with her long string of suitors? I mean, face it, when was the last time Jake Gyllenhaal picked us up in his private plane for a date?
   The charm of T-Swift was her ability to “steal from girls’ diary pages.” Is she losing that with her adoption of the rich and famous lifestyle?
Perhaps not. Her record sales for recent album “Red” are record-breaking, and her sold out tours suggest she still has it.


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