Exploring the Best of Prom (April 30, 2013)

Jaqui Arechiga   clipart-of-formal-dancers1-e1320047203323_small

The wait is over and prom season is here. People are pairing up and getting ready for the events that are steadily arriving. Most guys rarely have any worries after asking their lovely lady to prom.  All they need is a place to eat and a tux to rent, with a tie to match their dates dress.
   Girls have it much harder: dress, hair, makeup. It’s no wonder stress gets the best of girls at this time of year.
    With the help of past prom attendees, a list of some of the best pre-prom strategies has been created.
    Let’s start off with the most important article of clothing: the dress. The dress has to fit perfectly, go well with one’s skin tone and flow just right to suffice.
   From flowy to poufy, halter to strapless, quality dresses can be found anywhere if searched for with a keen eye.
    “I got my dress from ‘Ross’ for $21.  ‘Ross’ is a great place to go shopping because you can get a gorgeous dress for a low, low price,” junior Ellen Orie said. “The only thing is that it’s a hit or miss. There may not always be a pretty dress like mine there.”
    If you want to make sure you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind dress for prom, “Lex’s” of Carytown is a great place to visit.
    “‘Lex’s’ has really beautiful dresses; they are all unique and the people are really nice,” junior Abby Kindle said. “Perks of ‘Lex’s’ are the nice changing area and multiple mirrors with great lighting.”
    When it comes to hair and makeup, a salon can be pricey but convenient, but doing it yourself or having a friend help you can also save you some major cash.
    “I got my hair done at Ava’s off of Broad Street and I had a friend do makeup,” senior Melissa Allanson said. “The advantage of doing it at a hair place is that they can do exactly what you want, and you won’t struggle on your own.”
   After all the preparations have been made and the girls are ready for the night, the best place to get pictures done is at someone’s house with a group of friends so you can do big, formal pictures and have fun with silly ones too.
   “There were about 30 people in our party, so we even had risers so we could take a giant picture with everyone in it,” Orie said.
   After pictures have been taken, the night has just begun.
   Dinner is a big deal since it’s a special event, the food has to be great tasting, but not tough on your stomach when dancing the night away.
   “We went to dinner at ‘Skilligalli,’ it’s a nice restaurant but it was a more fancy and personal place,” Allanson said. “It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t over $100 for my date’s food and my food, so we loved it. He even wanted to make me there for Valentine’s Day.”
   Although some people make it a huge event, some people like to go out to a more casual restaurant instead, such as “Chili’s” to save money and to not have to worry about being too loud at the table. It’s all about having a great time.
   Prom night is supposed to be a great time, but preparations can be stressful, especially with school piling up in the mean time.
    Past prom guests have said, though, that there is no need to get overly worked up over having a perfect night with the perfect guy and the perfect dress, it’s all about the overall experience anyway. 
    With AP testing finished  and school coming to a close, don’t stress over the little details and end up forgetting the entire purpose of the night, to enjoy yourself.


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