College Board to revise the SAT (April 30, 2013)

Matthew Odom

   The SAT. without it, most colleges won’t even consider applications. Most students and even a few teachers despise it.

   “I really don’t want to take the SAT next year,” sophomore Daniel Odom said.

   “It’s a little wrong,” senior Anthony Smith said.

   Critics argue that it’s unfair to test every student under the same criteria because everyone learns differently. Advocates say it’s the only practical way to test everyone equally.

   “I don’t like the way they grade everything,” Smith said. “I think they should only give you points for the questions you get right, not take off for the ones you get wrong.”

   In February, College Board, the organization that makes the SAT, announced that it was changing the SAT, something not done since 2005.

   Last year, 1.66 million students took the SAT. So when the SAT is changed, it’s big news.

   So what’s changing?

   No specifics have been released yet, but College Board’s president David Coleman stated that the test will be designed to prepare students for the work they will receive in college.

   The revision will likely take some time, considering comprehensive and lengthy the test is.

   The SAT has been criticized in the past years, most notably by the National Association for College Admission Counseling. In 2008, they released a report suggesting that colleges should consider if they really need standardized testing as part of their admissions process.

   Some colleges have dropped standardized testing requirements or offer a “test-optional” application, though most still ask for SAT or ACT scores.

   In addition the SAT is now competing with the ACT. For the first time last year, more people took the ACT than the SAT. Many experts predict that the new SAT will look more like the ACT.

   Whatever happens, don’t think the SAT will just disappear. It’s still a test that most colleges still consider important. So keep buying those books and keep going to those study groups. Chances are, the SAT will be around for a while.


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